New Americans: The Progress of Asian Indians in America

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George P. Alexander (Author)
Americans have historically taken pride in their country's ability to benefit from the multiple talents and gifts other ethnic and cultural groups have had to offer. Unfortunately, that orientation has been tarnished because of the unbridled illegal entrance of immigrants, and the growing levels of the poorly educated among those of foreign birth. But a group of new Americans, the Asian Indians, demand our attention because they are distinctly different from most recent immigrant groups. This book provides the findings of pioneering research work about Asian Indians living in America. The author understands the internal pluralism of the Asian Indian community, and he introduces the reader to those Asian Indians who have become successful business people and professionals. The author presents invaluable data for understanding these "New Americans." He is one of the leading young scholars in the field of multicultural studies and Asian American education. New Americans is full of invaluable data for understanding the complex issues and possibilities of these new comers. Both the expert and the general reader will gain much from reading this insightful book.

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  • Publish Year: 1997
  • ISBN: 0965368831
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