Movement Catalysts

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Foreword by David Garrison 

Chapter 1 Setting the Stage for Apostolic Leaders: Apostolic Leadership in Its Context— 

Movements to Christ among Muslims  

Chapter 2 Standing on Others’ Shoulders: A Review of Previous Publications  

Chapter 3 How Effective Catalysts Do Ministry  

Chapter 4 Characteristics of Effective Movement Catalysts  

Chapter 5 Best Practices of Effective Movement Catalysts  

Chapter 6 Myths of Movements Shattered by the Evidence  

Chapter 7 How the Empirical Data Take the Movement Discussion Forward  

Chapter 8 Implications for Selection, Training, and Development of Apostolic Leaders  

Appendix A Definitions  

Appendix B Research Methods  

Appendix C Rival Explanations—Factors Other than the Apostolic Leader  

Appendix D Synthesis of Leader Traits Grouped by Big Five Personality Dimensions  

Appendix E Survey Questionnaire Round 1 

Appendix F Survey Questionnaire Round 2  

Appendix G Survey Questionnaire Round 3  

Appendix H Survey Questionnaire Round 4  


Figure 1: Ministry Approaches  

Figure 2: Contextualization Approaches  

Figure 3: Time of Apostolic Leader’s Ministry prior to Movement Breakthrough  

Figure 4: Years of Witness prior to Arrival of Apostolic Leader  

Figure 5: Receptivity of People Groups toward the Gospel  

Figure 6: An Apostolic Leadership Model  

Figure 7: Definition of Leadership as Relational Influence Process  

Figure 8: Definition of Leadership as Leader Traits  

Figure 9: Delphi Technique Flowchart  

Table 1: Comparison of Traits of Apostolic Leaders Identified in Publications  

Table 2: Comparison of Competencies of Apostolic Leaders Identified in Publications  

Movement Catalysts
Profile of an Apostolic Leader
Emanuel Prinz

Publication Date: November 9, 2021

Leaders are Essential Elements

Around the world, movements to Christ are sparking and flourishing in some of the darkest places while other Christian efforts to reach the unreached have seen either little or no positive response. How do we attempt to explain this disparity? In Movement Catalysts, Emanuel Prinz points to apostolic leadership as the defining factor of successful church planting, arguing that wherever you see a movement, you will find a catalyst with a specific set of characteristics.

Movement Catalysts synthesizes the first-ever empirical research study on effective movement leaders in pioneer contexts, including data from thirty-five different movements around the world. This groundbreaking book:

  • Outlines the transformational leadership qualities and competencies of successful movement catalysts
  • Contains specific applications for movement mobilization, selection, and appointment of leaders
  • Identifies key areas of leadership development and training
  • Provides practitioners with best practices, gleaned from the lives and ministries of some of the most fruitful movement catalysts
  • Includes a free bonus catalyst self-assessment and online learning package


For anyone serious about wanting to be used by God to start and sustain a movement, Movement Catalysts offers a blueprint of the person you will want to grow into. While we cannot manufacture a movement, we can take charge of the person we are becoming, acquiring, and developing the traits of a transformational catalyst. This is your opportunity to learn from the best!

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  • The Great Commission will be fulfilled through indigenous movements of multiplying disciples and churches. Emanuel Prinz’s research has pioneered new ground. It identified the recurring traits of leaders whom God has used to catalyze movements around the world. The conclusions you'll find in this book are based on careful field research and immensely useful for anyone desiring to be used by God this way. 

    Steve Addison, Director of MOVE; author, Pioneering Movements: Leadership that Multiplies Disciples and Churches 

  • Having watched Emanuel Prinz train approximately 1,300 of our Nigerian missionaries, I heartily recommend his teaching and training based on his doctoral research. It has been of immense value to our Nigerian leaders and missionaries, and it is my conviction that it will be of similar value to the churches and missions movements in other African countries and the Global South in general. I wish to see it distributed widely. 
    Mike Adegbile, Executive Secretary, Nigeria Evangelical Missions Association NEMA; Lausanne Leadership Team Nigeria 
  • Here, at last, the reader holds a guiding light that allows him to make a discovery of immeasurable value. In fact, by doing meticulous field research Emanuel has illuminated one of the great questions of mission in our day. While all of us have some intuition of what makes a good leader, none of us has done careful study to know, and predict, what character traits and qualities are common to pioneers. Read Movement Catalysts to know the answers to who, how, and why.  
    Dr. Bob Blincoe, president, Frontiers US 
  • Emanuel Prinz is a trusted friend and colleague who lived through the crucible of civil war in Darfur, Sudan with grace and dignity—never losing sight of Jesus’ mandate to make disciples. Emanuel was used by the Lord as a catalyst for a church planting movement thus his research is merely an extension of his life and service. His research findings and his training are fantastic. I am passing it to all my leaders. 
    Dr. Dick Brogden, Founder, Live Dead Movement; author, Loving Muslims 
  • Based on the findings of this book, Emanuel developed the EXPONENTIAL™ Disciple-Making and Church Planting training, which is in already nine languages. The EXPONENTIAL™ is a key tool for Bethany's global expansion strategy and our vision to train catalysts through our 300+ GlobeServe missionary training programs worldwide. Bethany’s senior leadership is committed to taking this training to seventy nations. Leaders of missionary training programs everywhere should pay close attention to the findings of this book for their program development. 
    Dan Brokke (CEO) and Tim Freeman (EVP), Bethany International 
  • I am pleased to offer my hearty endorsement of Movement Catalysts. I have avidly and admiringly relished the high honor of engagement with the underlying research from conception to completion as a member of the dissertation committee. This extraordinary, ground-breaking study, grounded in rigorous theory and methodology, will prove foundational to the study, strategy-formation, and service of many others seeking to develop leaders for effective CPMs. It will for many years to come contribute richly to the work of selecting, training, coaching, and evaluating CPM catalysts.  
    Dr. Ralph Enlow, JrPresident Emeritus, Association for Biblical Higher Education (ABHE) 
  • I have known Emanuel Prinz as a tireless trainer. You will find him as practical as he is intelligent and experienced. 
    Dr. Jim Haney, Retired Director, Global Research Department of the International Mission Board 
  • I have taken part in this study personally. The topic is crucial, and the research is key. Prayers for great fruit from this research. 
    Dr. Kevin Higgins, President, Frontier Ventures 
  • As one who has spent decades in the worlds of both higher education and church planting, I highly recommend Motus Dei. It is well-researched, very informative, and extremely practical. Motus Dei would serve well as either a classroom text or a field handbook—a one-stop-shop resource on church planting movements.
    Bill Jones, DMin Cofounder, Crossover Global; chancellor, Columbia International University 
  • After going through my colleague Emanuel’s training, I recommend this to the church in Africa, and anywhere, for that matter. With the discipleship approach Emanuel is teaching, I am glad to say that Christianity in Africa will no longer be referred to as “one mile wide and less than an inch deep.” It is the best solution to the discipleship challenge! 
    Ezekiel N. Jako, Kenyan missionary, International Student Ministries Canada; director, Africa Centre for Missions Nairobi 

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