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International Development from an Integrative Perspective

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James Butare-Kiyovu (Author)
The International Development Series from WCIU Press attempts to explore what it means to discover and address the roots of human problems around the world. James Butare-Kiyovu concedes that it is easier to discover the roots of human problems than to find adequate solutions. Butare-Kiyovu writes, "When I talk with most people about problems in Africa and other developing countries, they wonder if there are going to be any solutions at all." The intention of this volume is to present six papers representing five areas of international development that set the development community in the right direction toward actually addressing the roots of problems around the world. The authors of this volume propose that we move towards: 1. Giving the right people access to good education 2. Achieving the United Nations Millennium Development Goals 3. Availing the Good News to all peoples in their heart languages 4. Transforming the youth with the Word of God 5. Growing in cultural intelligence for more effective ministry This book presents an integrated approach to international development and goes beyond the usual understanding of International Development. Each article gives a unique perspective on different aspects of the historical, social, cultural, religious, educational, economic, and political environments in which Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) and Churches in developing countries work. As development agencies adopt an integrative perspective toward their work then pressing global problems will begin to be addressed- and will be addressed at their roots

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  • Publisher: William Carey International University Press
  • Publish Year: 2011
  • ISBN: 9780865850293
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