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His Kingdom Come: An Integrated Approach to Discipling the Nations and Fulfilling the Great Commission

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Jim Stier (Editor), Richlyn Poor (Editor), Lisa Orvis (Editor)
In His Kingdom Come YWAM has given the body of Christ an effective tool for fulfilling the mandate of Jesus to "disciple all nations." . . . Ever since founder Loren Cunningham envisioned the seven spheres of life that influence the values and beliefs of any nation thirty-three years ago, YWAM has been on the cutting edge of the formulation of a God-honoring approach for transformation for the nations. --Luis Bush, International Facilitator, Transform World Connections. These pages give new insight and motivation to the challenge of discipling the nations. It will give you a refreshing perspective on the totality of what God has called the church to be about. In a day when evangelized nations are collapsing from corruption and people are crying out for authenticity everywhere, this book brings us back to the mission of God to "bless the nations" and all that that involves. --Paul Eshleman, V.P., Campus Crusade for Christ This book is filled with wisdom from the Scriptures, from men and women who have been obedient in their generation, and also includes a look at some of what God is saying and doing around the world in our day. May your faith be stirred and your wisdom increased as you consider what the Holy Spirit wants to say to you through these pages. --Loren Cunningham, Founder, Youth With A Mission

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  • Publisher: YWAM Publishing
  • Publish Year: 2008
  • ISBN: 9781576584356
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