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Here’s How: Health Education by Extension

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Ronald S. Seaton (Author)
Abstract: A holistic strategy for health education focuses on the interrelation between health and the social aspects of the way people live. In directing individuals and societies to achieve health, life as a whole rather than the physical illness alone must be examined. Social traditions and values particular to each culture must be considered in health care efforts, and community members themselves must be trained as health workers. The view is presented that Christian mission institutions are in the best position to promote and provide comprehensive health services. This idea is addressed in topics including the world health problem; the spiritual significance of health; principles of health education by extension; the role of the health worker; the health message; and the healing community. Community health projects in Guatemala, India and Korea, and a model program for health by extension illustrate this approach.

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  • Publish Year: 1976
  • ISBN: 087808150X
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