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Frontline Women (Revised Edition): Negotiating Cross-Cultural Issues in Ministry

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Marguerite G. Kraft (Editor)
Frontline Women is a collection of writings on women's issues from those who have had mission field experience. Each author has special interest and expertise in the area in which he or she has written.In the past we have failed to understand the significance of gender in mission work. Though women have historically been the majority in mission service, they have not been allowed much say in policies or strategizing. This book deals with gender differences in many areas of life and how that affects service to God in mission work. Women's God-given gifting is meant to complement that of men and needs to be recognized, appreciated, and made use of in the day-by-day functioning of missions. In some mission agencies changes are being made in regard to women's role and care. In this edition the authors have updated and added new information from their research and experience.

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  • Publisher: WCL
  • Publish Year: 2012
  • ISBN: 9780878083992
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