Firm Foundations [set]: Creation to Christ

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Trevor McIlwain (Author)
The gospel and grace are simple concepts. Communicating them clearly is not. Especially in a culture where concepts like "sin" and "holiness" and even "truth" are negotiable and redefining God to fit our desires is almost fashionable. People around the world have used an effective solution: teaching chronologically through the Bible. Firm Foundations: Creation to Christ unfolds the story of God. Moving through key Bible passages, these lessons progressively reveal truth about God and man, and the gospel and grace that bridge the gap of sin. This Firm Foundations: Creation to Christ boxed set includes: Five teacher's volumes: Book 1 - Chronological Teaching: Why and How Book 2 - Lessons 1-12: Creation - Cain and Abel Book 3 - Lessons 13-24: The Flood - Ten Commandments Book 4 - Lessons 25-36: The Tabernacle - Plots against Jesus Book 5 - Lessons 37-48: Jesus calms the storm - Ascension One complimentary student notebook (not reproducible) Printed, poster-sized visual aids: Time Line Chronological Maps Illustration posters for classroom use DVD with slides of key points and illustrations for each lesson, in PowerPoint, Keynote and QuickTime Everything you need for a year of foundational Bible teaching, whether in Sunday School, small group Bible study, young adult home school, one-on-one, or self study.

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  • Publisher: New Tribes Mission
  • Publish Year: 2009
  • ISBN: 9781890040895
  • Vendor: MRC