Everything Must Change: Jesus, Global Crisis and a Revolution of Hope

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Brian McLaren (Author)
How do the life and teachings of Jesus address the most critical global problems in our world today? In Everything Must Change, you will accompany Brian around the world on a search for answers. Along the way you ll experience intrigue, alarm, challenge, insight, and hope. You ll get a fresh and provocative vision of Jesus and his teachings. And you ll see how his core message can infuse us with purpose and passion to address the economic, environmental, military, political, and social dysfunctions that have overtaken our world. Jesus message is more than a ticket to heaven or a formula for personal prosperity. It is an invitation to personal and global transformation. It is a radical challenge to the underlying stories that drive our suicidal systems social, economic, and political. It invites us to imagine what would happen if people of faith moved beyond political polarization and a few hot-button issues to the deeper questions nobody is asking. if the world s leading nations spent less on weapons and more on peace-making, poverty-alleviation, and creation-care. if a renewed understanding of Jesus and his message sparked a profound spiritual awakening in a global movement of faith, hope, and love. if we believed that God s will really could be done on earth and not just in heaven. If you are hungry for a fresh vision of what it means to be a person of faith, Everything Must Change applies the good news of Jesus to a world in need, igniting a revolution of hope that can change everything. Beginning with you. Beginning now.

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  • Publisher: Thomas Nelson Word
  • Publish Year: 2007
  • ISBN: 9780849901836
  • Vendor: MRC