Disciple Mentoring: Theological Education by Extension

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Sam Westman Burton (Author)
All over the world, churches are being pastored and led by people who have not been trained in traditional seminaries. For many, distance, family, finances, and a myriad of other practicalities make it impossible for them to be a part of the religious educational system. Theological Education by Extension (TEE) seeks to educate those who are already serving in the local church. Instead of confining students to a rigid system that takes them away from their families, ministries, and lives. TEE comes to where the students are allowing them more immediate access to biblical studies and theological training. Disciple Mentoring sets forth a historic overview of TEE, provides foundational steps for laying out a TEE program, and also gives an updated report on TEE for the new millennium.

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  • Publisher: WCL
  • Publish Year: 2012
  • ISBN: 9780878082797
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