Teaching Them Obedience in All Things (EMS 7)

Equipping for the 21st Century
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The seventh installment in the EMS series provides presentations originally given at meetings held in November 1998. Topics include the biblical and missiological foundations for training evangelical pastors and missionaries, contextualization of curriculum, Christian higher education, and case studies in both postmodern settings as well as traditional ones.

  • ISBN: 9780878082407
  • Pages: 286 Pages
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Published: 1999
  • Publisher: William Carey Library

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Teaching Them...All Things: Three Dots and a Pilgrimage

  • Kenneth B. Mulholland

Training the Next Generation of Evangelical Pastors and Missionaries

  • John Piper

Teaching Them to Obey All Things: A View from the Matthean Account of the Great Commission

  • Michael J. Wilkins

Teaching Them to Obey All Things: Alukan Perspective on Confronting Magic Power Oriented Societies

  • Rick Love

University and Church: Prisoners of Culture or Partners for the Great Commission?

  • Sherwood Lingenfelter

The Role of Higher Education in the Christian World Mission: Past, Present and Future

  • Larry Poston

Mission in Postmodern Context: A Journey of Deconstruction and Discovery in the "Life Community"

  • Jonathan Campbell

Making Disciples through Teaching Obedience among Generation X

  • Rick Sessions

The Limu Valley Project

  • Abdella Usman Muktar

Moving Forward in Missiological Education: Curricular Foundations

  • Edgar J. Elliston

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