Slippery Paths in the Darkness:

Papers on Syncretism: 1965-1988
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A primary concern amongst missiologists is presenting the gospel in a way that is culturally relevant without adulterating the essential truths of the message. The ability to appropriately contextualize this message is the difference between establishing an indigenous Christianity as opposed to introducing syncretism. In this compendium of presentations and papers, the issue is addressed with regard to the idea of covenant relationship with the Lord. Drawing from interdisciplinary research across continents, Tippett examines the syncretistic religious behaviors eminent at the time of his writing that threatened to fracture this covenant relationship— from eastern personality cults in India to scientology in Australia, from satanism in the United States to animism in Mexico. While his research only spans a set number of years, Tippett provides timeless insights for a global church burdened with the Great Commission call in an increasingly pluralistic world.

  • ISBN: 9780878084791
  • Pages: 234
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Published: 2014
  • Publisher: William Carey Library

Table of Contents

Series Foreword
Slippery Paths in the Darkness

  • Chapter 1: The Encounter of Communions
  • Chapter 2: Christopaganism or Indigenous Christianity?
  • Chapter 3: Formal Transformation and Faith Distortion
  • Chapter 4: The Meaning of Meaning
  • Chapter 5: The Dynamics of Syncretism in the Mission of the Church
  • Chapter 6: Star-gazing
  • Chapter 7: The Ethnotheology of the People of God and Their Covenant Relationship
  • Chapter 8: Toward a Typology of Contemporary Idolatries Invading the Koinonia and
  • Causing Syncretism, in Biblical Perspective
  • Chapter 9: A Survey of the New Shape of Syncretism in Postcolonial Mission and
  • Ministry at Home and Abroad: Contemporary Confrontations

Afterthought and Declaration

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