North American Mission Handbook

US and Canadian Protestant Ministries, Overseas 2017–2019, 22nd Edition
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The 22nd Edition of the Mission Handbook
Since it was first published in 1953, the Mission Handbook has only grown in its value to the mission community. In this, the 22nd edition, there is not only the most extensive, up-to-date information available on over 900 U.S. and Canadian-based mission agencies, but also includes an in-depth analysis on trends and comparisons in North American missions. 

Special Features include:
· Mission CEO Survey Summary 
· Mission Pastor Survey Summary 
· Mission Handbook Survey 
· Directory of over 900 North American Agencies 
· List of Agencies and the Countries of Their Activity 
· Agencies by Ministry Activity or Church Tradition

“Facts are our friends, and a fact-based missions resource is essential to help us understand the state of the mission force as we engage the mission field.
The Mission Handbook is an exceedingly valuable resource, helping us to lead better because we know better.” ~ Ed Stetzer, Billy Graham Distinguished Chair, Wheaton College

  • ISBN: 9780878086320
  • Pages: 704
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Published: 2017
  • Publisher: William Carey Library


Facts are our friends, and a fact-based missions resource is essential to help us understand the state of the mission force as we engage the mission field. The Mission Handbook is an exceedingly valuable resource, helping us to lead better because we know better.

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As a North American mission leader I am required to think regionally. However, to fully participate in God’s mission I must also think globally. How does Wycliffe Bible Translators contribute globally to what God is doing to fulfill Matthew 28:18–20? How do we effectively partner with the Church in the US and with others regionally and globally? I am very excited that Missio Nexus has reinvigorated this handbook. May the information in this new volume better enable us to work more effectively together for the sake of the gospel.

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Every church missions leader needs the Mission Handbook on their bookshelf. You will reach for this resource to quickly discover the evangelical agencies working in any country around the world or to help a prospective worker identify organizations engaged in a particular type of ministry. When someone expresses interest in a mission agency you are unfamiliar with, this directory will provide information not readily available online. The survey data is an added bonus!

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This informative handbook is a healthy reminder to busy churches and agencies that we are not alone in our efforts—many others are also striving to serve faithfully, often in similar ways and similar places! May this new version enable increased collaboration through dialogue, generosity, and a shared vision to reach the lost with the Good News.

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Mission Handbook has established itself as the most reliable go-to guide for data on the state of North American mission activity. Readers will find not only useful statistics, but also insightful analysis essential to understanding current trends and developments. I look forward to using this updated edition for my own research and teaching.

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To have such a rich diversity of information about missions, the global church, and the current needs in mission in one place is a great gift for the church. I pray that schools preparing missionaries, missions executives, and church leaders will read and study these pages together. Then the value of this gift will be realized.

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The Mission Handbook 2017 edition provides a wealth of information about the Protestant mission agencies and their missional context with profound insights into the growing role of the Global South and consequential call to the formation of new partnerships in mission. Missio Nexus expresses a new paradigm of collaboration toward the fulfillment of the Great Commission. The stage is set. Now is the time. Now is the opportunity.

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For decades, the premier “go to” resource for mission agencies in North America has been the Mission Handbook. I’ve had the most recent copy on my ready reference bookshelf for over twenty-five years—and made many trips to the library before that. I’ve used it to guide students and colleagues, to research agencies, to explore trends, and to understand the world of mission agencies based in North America but mobilized globally.

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I am pleased to endorse the newly published 22nd edition of the Mission Handbook. The handbook has a long tradition of serving Protestant North American overseas ministries. This newly researched data will prove to be a valuable tool for tracking efforts to complete the Great Commission and is a welcome addition to my library.

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I’m so grateful to Missio Nexus for taking on the monumental task of producing this latest edition of the Mission Handbook. This is a valuable tool that I keep close at hand and reach for often as I prepare for class lectures in which I want to include reliable statistics or highlight current missiological trends. I also find it incredibly useful as I am talking to students, who are preparing for missionary service, about possible mission agencies that work in specific countries or engage in certain types of ministry. While this kind of information may possibly be found scattered across the Internet, I find having it in one volume from a trustworthy source to be indispensable.

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With a legacy since 1953 and competency in data gathering, readers of Mission Handbook: U.S. and Canadian Protestant Ministries Overseas will find this resource valuable and helpful in many ways: informative (listings of global associations and networks with in-depth analysis), inspiring (for strategy formulation), and innovative (new surveys of Mission CEOs and Church Mission Leaders).

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Table of Contents


Chapter 1 Our Global Families
Chapter 2 Mission CEO Survey Summary
Chapter 3 Mission Pastor Survey Summary
Chapter 4 Mission Handbook Survey
Chapter 5 Directory of North American Agencies
Chapter 6 Countries of Activity
Chapter 7 Agencies by Ministry Activity or Church Tradition
Appendix A
Appendix B
Appendix C

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