Ministry to Muslim Women

Longing to Call them Sisters
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This book is a compilation of real-life experiences by women actively involved in reaching Muslim women for Christ. These articles approach the question of the gospel and Islam from a female perspective.

  • ISBN: 9780878083381
  • Pages: 288
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Published: 2000
  • Publisher: William Carey Library

Table of Contents



Introduction: God’s passion released through us- Fran love

Section 1: The World of Muslim In Women

  • Current Issues Affecting Muslim Women - C.M. Amal
  • Muslim Women In Crisis - Debi  Bartlotti
  • Muslim Women and the Occult: Seeing Jesus Set the Captives Free - Julia Colgate
  • Islamic Reformation and Fundamentalism’s Impact on Muslim Women - Diana Cilby
  • Understanding the Spiritual Hunger of Muslim Women - Lea Ruth


Section 2:  Muslim Background Believers

  • Why Muslim Women Come to Christ - Miriam Adney
  • The Sword of Christ: Muslim Women Make a Costly Commitment - B. Linda Smith
  • What Helps Muslim Women Grow in Christ - Iliam
  • Discipleship of Muslim Background Believers through Chronological Bible Storying - A.H.
  • Evangelism to and Through Family Networks - Kay Waters
  • Building Community in a Muslim Background Believer Church: A Case Study among Uighur Women - Anne Jansen
  • Developing Women Leaders in Muslim Background Believer Churches - Fran Love


Section 3: The Missionary Woman

  • The Relationship between Missionary and the Agency That Sends Her: From the Perspective Of The Agency - Mary Ann Cate
  • The Relationship between the Missionary and The Agency That Sends Her: Form The Perspective Of Field Missionaries - Group Discussion
  • Why am I Here - Elizabeth Learner
  • How Can I Thrive Here? -  Karol Downey
  • Who is With Me Here? - Cookie Liverman


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