Holding the Rope

Short Term Missions, Long-term Impact
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Holding the Rope gives an insightful look into the preparation, philosophy, and application of short term cross-cultural ministry. Archer addresses the issues with candor, humor, and most importantly, grace. He provides viable solutions to common problems, and encourages churches, pastors, and volunteers to adopt a biblical and practical approach for engaging in short term missions. “Holding the rope” is more than a catchphrase.  It articulates an entire philosophy of ministry. Christian missions is too daunting an enterprise to attempt alone, but the synergy of combined efforts can accomplish untold advancement for the kingdom of God. This book is a tool for those serving the servants, a guide and celebration of those who hold the ropes.

  • ISBN: 9780878086283
  • Pages: 140
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Published: 2014
  • Publisher: William Carey Library

Table of Contents

Introduction: A Legacy of Holding the Rope

1. Short-Term Trip, Long-Term Damage

  • Kalahari Conundrums
  • More Harm Than Good?.
  • The Ghost of STM Past.. Interview with a Vampire

2. Est. Ad 33: The Brilliance of the Biblical Pattern

  • Big Bang: The Birth of the Universal Church
  • One Small Step for Man
  • Save Our Soul(s)
  • Medical Missions
  • Unreached People
  • Local Believers
  • Return to Sender
  • Repeat the Sounding Joy
  • Quality Time
  • Support Letters Are Biblical
  • Gospel to Go

3. Ready, Aim, Fire, And Preferably In That Order: The Purpose Of Stm

  • Taking Aim
  • The STMers
  • The Sending Church
  • The Local Unbelievers
  • The Receiving Church

4. Stranger In A Strange Land: The Missionary Is The Mission

  • A Unique Breed
  • A Unique Need
  • Neither Here nor There
  • Handle with Care
  • Interrogate Your Missionary
  • Arrange an Orientation Session
  • Be a Mule
  • Make Some Noise
  • Stay in Touch

5. Field Of Dreams: Selecting A Destination

  • Teaching Trips
  • Evangelism Trips
  • Service Trips

6. The Dream Team: Selecting Travelers

  • Cream of the Crop vs. Bottom of the Barrel
  • The Many Faces of Experience
  • O Captain My Captain: The Team Leader
  • Lock Down Team Profile and Trip Dates
  • The Informational Meeting
  • The Application Form
  • Pretrip Bonding

7. The Bottom Line: Is it Worth the Money?

  • Where You Put Your Money Says a Lot to Believers...
  • Where You Put Your Money Says a Lot to Unbelievers
  • Churches That Support Missions Reluctantly
  • Churches That Love Long-term Missionaries, but not STM Trips
  • Churches That Are Too Eager to Fly
  • Buying a Share in the Company

8. That Makes Cents: How To Raise Funds For Stm Trips

  • Step One: Set a Goal Amount
  • Step Two: Write a Support Letter
  • Step Three: Choose Your Support Base
  • Step Four: Monitor Support Level until a Critical Mass Is Reached
  • Step Five: Buy Tickets or Make Further Appeals and Cut Ballast
  • Step Six: Buy Tickets or Abort Mission
  • Step Seven: Hold Fundraisers as a Team to Make Up Any Shortfall
  • Spending In-country

9. Round Trip: Travel And Culture Shock

  • Spiritual Carbo-loading
  • The Hazards of Time Travel
  • Speeka da Engleesh
  • Cross Your Heart: Don’t Make Promises
  • Bearing Gifts, We Travel So Far
  • Flirt on the Flight Back
  • Alien Encounters: Representing Your Country
  • Food for Thought
  • The Price You Pay: Bribery
  • Book of Life
  • Lost and Found
  • Love Languages

10. Homeward bound: Reentry And Follow-Through

  • The Debrief
  • Rough Landing
  • Guilt Trip
  • Communicating Your Experience
  • Travel Puffs Up
  • Expert Syndrome
  • Follow-through


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