Evangelical Missiological Society Complete Set (25 volumes)

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The Evangelical Missiological Society is a professional organization comprised of missiologists, mission administrators, reflective mission practitioners, teachers, pastors with strategic missiological interests, and students of missiology. EMS exists to advance the cause of world evangelization. Their annual book published by William Carey Library reflects select papers presented at their annual national conference and eight regional meetings in the United States and Canada. These books evaluate mission concepts and strategies from a biblical perspective with a view to commending sound mission theory and practice to churches, mission agencies, and schools of missionary training around the world.

  • ISBN: 9780012814314
  • Pages: 7641
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Published: 2016
  • Publisher: William Carey Library

Table of Contents

No. 1 Scripture and Strategy: The Use of the Bible in Postmodern Church and Mission, David Hesselgrave

No. 2 Christianity and the Religions: A Biblical Theology of World Religions, Edward Rommen and Harold Netland

No. 3 Spiritual Power and Missions: Raising the Issues, Edward Rommen

No. 4 Missiology and the Social Sciences: Contributions, Cautions, and the Conclusions, Edward Rommen and Gary Corwin

No. 5 The Holy Spirit and Mission Dynamics, Douglas McConnell

No. 6 Reaching the Resistant: Barriers and Bridges for Mission, Dudley Woodberry

No. 7 Teaching Them Obedience in All Things: Equipping for the 21st Century, Edgar Elliston

No. 8 Working Together With God to Shape the New Millennium: Opportunities and Limitations, Kenneth Mulholland and Gary Corwin

No. 9 Caring for the Harvest Force in the New Millennium, Tom Steffen and Douglas Pennoyer

No. 10 Between Past and Future: Evangelical Mission Entering the Twenty-first Century, Jonathan Bonk

No. 11 Christian Witness in Pluralistic Contexts in the Twenty-first Century, Enoch Wan

No. 12 The Centrality of Christ in Contemporary Missions, Mike Barnett and Michael Pocock

No. 13 Contextualization and Syncretism: Navigating Cultural Currents, Gailyn Van Rheenen

No. 14 Business as Mission: From Impoverished to Empowered, Tom Steffen and Mike Barnett

No. 15 Missions in Contexts of Violence, Keith Eitel

No. 16 Effective Engagement in Short-Term Missions: Doing it Right! Robert J. Priest

No. 17 Missions from the Majority World: Progress, Challenges, and Case Studies, Enoch Wan and Michael Pocock

No. 18 Serving Jesus with Integrity: Ethics and Accountability in Mission, Dwight P. Baker and Douglas Hayward

No. 19 Reflecting God’s Glory Together: Diversity in Evangelical Mission, A. Scott Moreau and Beth Snodderly

No. 20 Reaching the City: Reflections on Urban Mission for the Twenty-first Century, Gary Fujino, Timothy R. Sisk, and Tereso C. Casino

No. 21 Missionary Methods: Research, Reflections, and Realities, Craig Ott and J. D. Payne

No. 22 The Missionary Family: Witness, Concerns, Care, Dwight P. Baker and Robert J. Priest

No. 23 Diaspora Missiology: Reflections on Reaching the Scattered Peoples of the Word, Michael Pocock and Enoch Wan

No. 24 Controversies in Mission: Theology, People, and Practice of Mission in the 21st Century

No. 25 Churches on Mission: God's Grace Abounding to the Nations

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