Disciple Making among Hindus

Making Authentic Relationships Grow
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Drawing on thirty years’ experience among Hindus, Timothy Shultz writes this book as a testimony of the kingdom of God growing in a non-Christian environment. Disciple Making among Hindus: Making Authentic Relationships Grow describes how Hindu people experience and respond to Jesus Christ. What are the core values and rhythms of their cultural world? What are the patterns of community and discipleship that help them draw closer to Jesus? Through moving personal stories, biblical reflection, and practical wisdom, Shultz introduces us to the centrality of family, the covenantal relationships that make up Hindu social life, and the yearning for authentic spiritual experience.

While this book will benefit anyone wanting to make disciples among Hindus, it is far more than a strategy of contextualization or a blueprint for successful evangelism. Read it to discover the beauty of Hindus as Jesus sees them—and the beauty of Jesus through Hindu eyes.

  • ISBN: 9780878081387
  • Pages: 154
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Published: 2016
  • Publisher: William Carey Library

Table of Contents


  1. Learning Curve
  2. Obstacles and Approaches
  3. Relationship
  4. Experiencing Jesus Christ
  5. Clarifying Experience: Teaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ
  6. Intentional Discipleship
  7. The Disciple Maker

Appendix: Rhythms

Glossary of Hindu Terms


Customer Reviews



Timothy Shultz has spent 30 years building respectful, genuine relationships with primarily forward caste Hindus in the US. With honesty and humility, Shultz describes the lessons he has learned as he and his family have shared their lives and their faith in Jesus with Hindu friends and neighbors.

This account challenges and inspires those who care for their Hindu neighbors and want to understand and relate to them in natural, respectful ways.

I particularly appreciate Shultz’s repeated and realistic emphasis on the need to slow down and allow the Hindu friends and neighbors to experience Jesus in us and in their lives over time. There is no room for rushed, hurried agendas and targets. Hindus have, too often, been subjected to such evangelistic behavior and quickly avoid it.

The author challenges us to examine our own assumptions and practices. We are encouraged to face traditions and customs we will need to relinquish if we truly want to help Hindus meet the incarnational Jesus for who he is. Shultz is honest even about the pain and discomfort he has experienced in his own spiritual transformation so that he could better walk alongside Hindus who want to meet and follow Jesus.

Anyone who wants to help Hindu friends and neighbors meet Jesus should read and process Disciple Making among Hindus.


Frank Daugherity

Tim’s thoughtful, provocative and challenging book is worth a careful read by any who work cross-culturally, not just in the Hindu context. However, he is thoroughly grounded, by experience and research, in the lives of people of Hindu background, particularly high-caste Hindus.

He shows how the gospel can lovingly transform Hindu culture, “first by revealing the glory of God found within certain values of Hindu dharma, surprising the people with the revelation that Jesus is a lot like them and cherishes their culture. Second, the gospel may clarify the need to believe what Christ has said about his kingdom values that are incompatible with Hindu dharma. Third, the gospel may also redeem certain Hindu values…”

Culture can be a bridge, not just something to be swept aside in Westernization, a key issue Tim demonstrates so deftly by displaying how God can use and redeem Hindu cultural concepts and practices to portray and illuminate the gospel. This kind of incarnational perspective is the heartbeat of effective discipleship, particularly in a cross-cultural setting. The end result is Jesus in Indian garb, eating Indian food and teaching in a completely natural Indian way, and being worshipped in a way that is a fulfillment of the highest aspirations of Hindu culture. There is more than theory here: there is authentic practice honed by 30 years of loving, respectful interaction with high-caste Hindus.

Refreshing, encouraging, instructive: this is a must-read book.



This is the modern-day ‘manual’ for walking alongside Hindus as they explore a relationship with Jesus. This book is one of the first to document the permanent shift away from classic missiological approaches, and does it with personal stories and examples that resonate with anyone involved with Hindus.

Timothy Shultz does an incredible job of recounting his 30 years of experience through a very humble and honest lens and delivers remarkably practical tips all the way through the book. The 8 “Contextual Skills” he lays out in Chapter 2 are worth their weight in gold. I love the theme that he weaves about building a witness over time through consistent Christlike behaviors and then connecting it with Jesus himself in John 14, “Anyone who has seen me has seen the father.”

This book is essential for anyone even remotely curious in what it takes to walk alongside Hindus. Timothy is honest, wise, and incredibly generous in his insights. 

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