Courage in Dark Places

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Jan Greenough (Author)
Unsung Heroes: With the outbreak of war, Japan invaded China, and Chefoo School was soon closed, with staff and missionary kids transferred from one camp to another. Doggedly the staff kept the children safe and healthy, and continued lessons despite acute shortages. The children saw death at first hand - including the demise of their friend, athlete Eric Liddell - but the faith they learned from their teachers, the unsung heroes, pulled them through. The Day the Earth Shook: September 21st, 1999: the day the big one - 7.6 on the Richter scale - hit Taiwan. 2,000 died, and 100,000 were left homeless. Taiwan, a highly materialistic society, was suddenly full of people owning nothing but debts. Death is a curse to the Taiwanese, but as OMF workers in Taiwan offered help and care, their actions spoke louder than any sermon. In one village the team found people more open to the work of the Spirit than they had been for a generation. No longer trusting in high-tech gadgets, the Taiwanese are reassessing their lives. Dreaming Dreams: A dream, handed down over generations among the Tawbuid of Mindoro, concerned white strangers who would come with good teaching, speaking their language. In the last few years New Testaments in the two main Tawbuild languages have been published, and the tribal churches have developed programmes to educate their young people to college level without destroying their traditional way of life

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  • Publisher: Monarch
  • Publish Year: 2002
  • ISBN: 0825462118
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