Cities: Missions’ New Frontier, 2nd edition

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Roger S Greenway (Author), Timothy Monsma (Author)
Urban areas around the world continue to grow in population and influence, and demands on Christian ministries in cities are increasing. Effective urban ministry requires that pastors, missionaries, and church leaders understand modern, socially complex centers of population, culture, and political power. This second edition of Cities provides the insights needed to be an effective urban servant. Four new chapters have been added and the text has been updated throughout.Peppered with practical, experiential illustrations, Cities draws its biblical inspiration from the model of the Antiochan church in the Book of Acts. It provides foundations for the practice of urban mission and impresses upon hearts the vital importance of this field of ministry. End-of-chapter discussion questions are included.

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  • Publisher: Baker Academic
  • Publish Year: 2000
  • ISBN: 9780801022302
  • Vendor: MRC