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By Ones and By Twos: Building Successful Relationships between Marrieds and Singles in Ministries

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Jeannie Lockerbie Stephenson (Author)
By Ones and By Twos Many ministry endeavors fail because of interpersonal conflict. Building strong relationships between ministry workers is essential for God's work to be done. In a world where the missionary force is composed of roughly 25% singles and 75% marrieds, how can workers learn to understand one another better, communicate more effectively, and build stronger personal and ministry relationships in the highly challenging atmosphere of international missions? By Ones & By Twos, written by missionary Jeannie Lockerbie Stephenson, passes on relationship wisdom learned through several decades of service in Bangladesh as a single missionary, as well as her recent decade as a married missionary. She recounts many of her own experiences as examples and uses wise words from other authors and missionaries to shed light on building effective and positive relationships among ministry workers.

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  • Publisher: ABWE Publishing
  • Publish Year: 2008
  • ISBN: 1888796421
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