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A Shared Future: Local Capacities for Peace in Community Development

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Michelle Garred (Author), Mohammed Abu-Nimer (Author)
In the basic vocabulary of humanitarian assistance, "Do No Harm" and "Local Capacities for Peace" (LCP) often interchangeably describe the tool developed by the Collaborative for Development Action and a broad range of NGOs to analyze whether influxes of aid (food, shelter, training, etc.) build communities' unity or contribute to conflict and violence. Early on, World Vision committed to testing the tenets of LCP, first in relief contexts and more recently in community development. Thousands of WV staff have now received training in LCP, generating a groundswell of programme redesign and improved sensitivity to sources of conflict. This stimulating book chronicles World Vision's groundbreaking experiences and learnings in adapting LCP for long-term transformational development, as well as for enhancing how faith-based NGOs could work in multi-faith environments where religion can be either a divider or a connector in relationships. Among the outcomes documented, community and local government leaders began adopting the LCP framework in their own design of programmes and applying LCP principles in their own lives. Also discussed are new resources now available as World Vision continues to develop and refine tools to use alongside LCP that further conflict-sensitive development in varieties of micro and macro contexts.

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  • Publisher: MARC Publications
  • Publish Year: 2006
  • ISBN: 9781933785011
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