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Author: Curtis Sergeant

Dr. Curtis Sergeant worked with International Mission Board (IMB) as a pioneer church-planting missionary among an unreached people group in China and later served as their vice president for global strategy.  Next, Curtis was the director of church planting at Saddleback Church. While at Saddleback, he helped develop an online training system for missions and led large-scale church-planting projects, especially in India. Curtis then served as international vice president of e3 Partners. Curtis currently operates MetaCamp, a disciple-making and missions training center located in Dadeville, Alabama. He also works in leadership with Zúme and 24:14. Curtis and his wife, Debie, have two grown and married children, Nathan and Megan. 

Book: The Only One: Living Fully In, By, and For God

Description: Do you doubt you can actually make a difference in the world? Do you struggle with knowing how to express your faith in the daily routines of life? The Only One: Living Fully In, By, and For God shares simple approaches to grow as a follower of Jesus.  

Dive into the concepts and tools to find the connection between “being” and “doing” with God.  

Designed to be read, processed, shared, and used to equip others, The Only One is a tool to not only grow as a disciple, but also to make and multiply disciples. This is about living into a greater impact on the world and the purpose for which God designed you. It’s time to experience life with Him, and others, as a joyful and exciting adventure—read this book and get started!