The Holy Spirit and Mission Dynamics (EMS 5)

Over the past decade, there have been few forums in which the controversial subject of this book could be openly discussed. During the 1994 and 1996 annual conferences of the Evangelical Missiological Society this subject was a central topic of discourse. These ten chapters represent an attempt to reflect the concerns and present understanding of evangelical missiologists on the Holy Spirit and mission dynamics. [/DESCRIPTION] [CREDIT] by: C. Douglas McConnell (Editor) [/CREDIT] [PAGES] 207 [/PAGES] [BINDING] Paperback [/BINDING] [PUBLISHER] William Carey Library [/PUBLISHER] [PUBLISHYEAR] 1997 [/PUBLISHYEAR] [TOC]

Preface - C. Douglas McConnell

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Part I: Biblical Theological Issues

  • 1. Missiology and Spiritual Dynamics - Michael Pocock
  • 2. The Role of the Holy Spirit in Missions - Robertson McQuilkin
  • 3. Confidence in the Spirit as the Governing Ethos of the Pauline Mission - Don. N Howell, Jr.

Part II: Historical Issues

  • 4. The Radical Strategy in Modern Mission: The Linkage of Paranormal Phenomena with Evangelism - Gary B. McGee
  • 5. The Spirit the Source and Test of New Forms of Missionary Activity - Roland Allen

Part III: Contemporary Issues

  • 6. Contemporary Dynamics of the Holy Spirit in Missions - C. Peter Wagner
  • 7. Broadening the Issues: Historiography, Advocacy, and Hermeneutics - A. Scott Moreau
  • 8. spiritual warfare, Epistemology, and the Missiological Community - Robert J. Priest
  • 9. Identificational Repentance & Strategic Spiritual Warfare: A Hermeneutical Case Study - John H. Orme
  • 10. Modern and Postmodern Syncretism in Theology and Missions - Gailyn Van Rheenen