Missiology and the Social Sciences (EMS 4)

Experts in various branches of social science address the reader, explaining the scope and limitations of their discipline in the science of missiology. Find the balance between those who discount the value of the sciences for missions and those who use them without discernment.

Edited by Edward Rommen and Gary Corwin

223 pages, Paperback

William Carey Library, 1996

Preface- David J. Hesselgrave


1. Introduction: an Appeal for Balance (Michael Pocock)

2. Sociology and Missiology: Reflections on Mission Research (Gary R. Corwin)

3. The Contribution of Cultural Anthropology to Missiology (Norman E. Allison)

4. Prototype Semantics: Insights for Intercultural Communication (K.A. McElhanon)

5. Psychology and Missions: A History of Member Care in Cross-Cultural Ministry (Brent Lindquist)

6. The Contribution of Technology to Missiology (Ron Rowland)

7. Economics and Mission (Andreas J. Kostenberger)

8. A Critique of Charles Kraft’s Use/Misuse of Communication & Social Sciences in Biblical Interpretation & Missiological Formulation (Enoch Wan)

9. Use and Misuse of the Social Sciences: Interpreting the Biblical Text (Robertson McQuilkin)

10. The Social Sciences and Missions: Applying the Message (Paul G. Hiebert)

11. Conclusions (Edward Rommen)