Christianity and the Religions (EMS 2)

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Table of Contents

  • INTRODUCTION by Harold Netland


  • 1. Religions and the Bible: An Agenda for Evangelicals by Gordon T. Smith
  • 2. Yahweh and the Gods: A Theology of World Religions from the Pentateuch by Ed Mathew
  • 3. Selected Perspectives on World Religions from Wisdom Literature by Michael Pocock
  • 4. “To whom shall you compare me?”: Yahweh’s Polemic against Baal and the Babylonian Idol Gods in Prophetic Literature by Robert B. Chisholm, Jr.
  • 5. The Contribution of the Gospels and Acts to a Biblical Theology of Religions by William J. Larkin, Jr.
  • 6. The Apostle Paul and First Century Religious Pluralism by Don N. Howell, Jr.
  • 7. The Contribution of the General Epistles and Revelation to a Biblical Theology of Religions by Andreas Kostenberger



  • 8. Christianity and the Religions in the History of the Church by James F. Lewis
  • 9. Religious Borrowing as a Two-Way Street: An Introduction to Animistic Tendencies in the Euro-North American Context by A. Scott Moreau
  • 10. The Uniqueness of Christ in Mission Theology By Charles Van Engen
  • 11. Christianity as a Minority Religion by Larry Poston


  • 12. Synthesis by Edward Rommen
  • 13. Application by Harold Netland


  • 14. Conclusion by David J. Hesselgrave

by: Edward Rommen (Editor)
The essays in this book take a fresh look at the biblical data and address the contemporary questions raised by religious pluralism. The reader will gain a greater understanding of different religions and gain an increased confidence in the majesty and greatness of the one true God.

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