Mission and Vision

WCP Vision: 

William Carey Publishing (WCP) publishes resources to shape and advance the missiological conversation in the world.

Our goal is to promote insights and initiatives leading to mission breakthroughs among all peoples. Those breakthroughs or mission frontiers include the evangelization and empowerment of unreached peoples and the discovery of new strategies and methods of ministry and mobilization. We especially seek to assist the work of the mission executive, field missionary, church leader, and the student of world mission.

As of 2020, WCP has launched William Carey Education (WCE) as a partner platform for missiological content publishing in the form of an online learning experience. All too often WCP has thought, "Wouldn't it be great to have a class to go with this book..." With WCE we now can. This move into online learning is not WCP abandoning books, but rather making the shift to look at ourselves as "missiological content publishers" instead of just book publishers. 

WCP Mission: 

With a sense of divine urgency and purpose, William Carey Publishing publishes resources that edify, equip, and empower disciples of Jesus to make disciples of Jesus.