Reaching the Resistant (EMS 6)

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Table of Contents

Preface: Barriers and Bridges - J. Dudley Woodberry

Author Profiles

Part I - Foundational Issues: Reflecting on the Barriers

  • 1. Raising Questions about the Resistant - Michael Pocock
  • 2. Revising Assumptions about the Resistant - Gary Corwin
  • 3. Reflecting Theologically about the Resistant - Charles Van Engen

Part II - Case Studies: Encountering the Barriers

  • 4. Encountering Jewish Resistance - David Brickner
  • 5. Encountering Muslim Resistance - Kevin Higgins
  • 6. Encountering Japanese Resistance - Stan Conrad
  • 7. Encountering Post-Christendom Resistance - David Bjork

Part III - Means of Overcoming: Finding and Building Bridges

  • 8. Overcoming Resistance through Martyrdom - Karen L. White
  • 9. Overcoming Resistance through Prayer - John D. Robb
  • 10. Overcoming Resistance through the Paranormal - Sobhi Malek
  • 11. Overcoming Resistance through Tentmaking - Gary Ginter

Part IV - Preparing for the Future: Planning Bridges

  • 12. Equipping Missionaries for the Restraint - Timothy C. Tennent
  • 13. Global Planning for the Resistant - Luis Bush


by: J. Dudley Woodberry (Editor)
 The lands where Muslims, Jews, and Christians have encountered each other are littered with the ruins of fortresses. Each faith community built barriers to keep out the enemies of their faith. The present studies look at the barriers erected by peoples considered resistant to the gospel, and the bridges God is using to carry the gospel to them.

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