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Mobilizing Movements

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Table of Contents



Glossary: Terms and Acronyms  


Part 1: A View from the Top  

Chapter 1: The Big Idea: Discipling Your Nation  

Chapter 2: Disciple-Making and Church Planting—Insights to Build On  

Chapter 3: Practical and Tactical Beginnings  

Chapter 4: Accelerants  

Chapter 5: Joyful Redundancy   

Chapter 6: A Study in Nationwide Disciple-Making Processes by Russ Mitchell  


Part 2: Starting Where You Are  

Chapter 7: Initiating a National Process  

Chapter 8: Diverse and Challenging Contexts  

Chapter 9: Models on Other Continents  


Part 3: Components of a National Vision    

Chapter 10: Leadership  

Chapter 11: Harvest Field, Harvest Force, Harvest Fruit  

Chapter 12: Purposeful Planning—To What End?  

Chapter 13: Engaging Leaders Across Your Nation  

Chapter 14: Building the Kingdom Locally and Nationally  

Chapter 15: Prayer and Action  

Chapter 16: Quality and Quantity  

Chapter 17: Consolidate and (Re)Build  


Part 4: Where to . . . Globally?  

Chapter 18: You Are Not Alone                                                                                 

Chapter 19: Good Etiquette for Guests  

Chapter 20: The King Is Coming 

Chapter 21: Steps after the Penultimate 


Appendix 1: It’s a DAWN Strategy If . . .   

Appendix 2: 13 Steps to a Successful Growth Program  

Appendix 3: Best Practices from Europe (  

Appendix 4: National Team Self-Evaluation  

Appendix 5: Encouragement for Incremental Progress  

Appendix 6: Setting Priorities  

Appendix 7: Further Resources and Author’s Website  

For Further Reading                                                                                                    


About the Author 


Mobilizing Movements
Leadership Insights for Discipling Whole Nations
Murray Moerman
Forthcoming in early 2021! Pre-order now!

Divine passion that lasts beyond whims and hardships will steer us to help reach every city with the gospel as churches are formed and disciples are made. To help people respond to Christ, disciple-making and church planting must extend to the extremities of every people group and nation. Come join the Missio Dei through the acceleration of movements throughout the earth. 

Mobilizing Movements is both practical and spiritual, a primer for novices and a manual for practitioners. You will find tactical insights for macro (whole nation) strategies and micro disciple-making. 

This book includes: 

  • 9 accelerants for movements 
  • 8 practical appendices 
  • 7 challenging contexts in which movements can nevertheless flourish 
  • Research results on nationwide disciple making processes 
  • Strategies scalable to your capacity and setting 
  • Models from several continents 

Movements require teams and leadership. God works through people like you. Mobilizing Movements provides realistic expectations of what it takes and how to gain the support of mentors and partners needed for long-term success. We work in a global context in which each has a part to play. Pick up Mobilizing Movements and explore your next step today. 

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