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Uncharted Mission

Uncharted Mission
Going to the Final Frontiers
D. C. Keane

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Too Soon to Celebrate—Too Soon to Quit

“Lord, why another mission agency? There are already so many good ones,” Greg Livingstone cried out on a beach in 1983. But, as he made his case to God that He should find someone else to change the world, the answer became clear: the world needed a new agency, operating in a new way, that would focus entirely on all Muslim peoples.

So began the wild, risky, worthy story told in Uncharted Mission, a book that is more than the history of the founding of Frontiers. D. C. Keane weaves together interviews with over one hundred missionaries who refused to accept the status quo in missions and were willing to go where no one had gone before—to the Muslim frontiers. In this inspiring true story, you’ll meet pastors, engineers, artists, pilots, and others whose lives changed course when they discovered that Muslims were largely left out of historic missionary efforts.

This is a book for innovators who ask, as Greg Livingstone always asks, “How can we do this better? How can we improve?" Don’t simply admire the ground-breakers who went before us in this compelling narrative; there is still work to be done. There are still “frontiers” of mission for the next generation of Christians who want to change the world, because it is too soon to celebrate and too soon to quit.

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  • Pages: 236
  • Publisher: William Carey Publishing
  • Binding: paperback
  • Publish Year: 2021
  • ISBN: 9781645084112
  • Vendor: William Carey Publishing