Christian Witness (EMS 11)

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\n<p>I. THE CONTEXT OF MAJOR NON-CHRISTIAN RELIGIONS</p>\n<p style=\"padding-left: 30px;\">1. A Missiological Approach to Non-Christian Religions by Ralph Winter</p>\n<p style=\"padding-left: 30px;\">2. The Christian Response to Islam by J. Dudley Woodberry</p>\n<p style=\"padding-left: 30px;\">3. Christology in the Qur&rsquo;an and Its Implications for Witness to Muslims by Timothy C. Tenant</p>\n<p style=\"padding-left: 30px;\">4. Context-specific Theological Reflections: Premillenialism between Iraq and a Hard Place by Mark Harlan</p>\n<p style=\"padding-left: 30px;\">5. The Christian Response to Hinduism by Paul G. Hiebert; A Mission&rsquo;s Executive&rsquo;s Response by Joel Mathai</p>\n<p style=\"padding-left: 30px;\">6. The Christian Response to Buddhism by Alex G. Smith; A Response by Patrick Cate</p>\n<p>II. THE CONTEXT OF FOLK RELIGIONS&nbsp;</p>\n<p style=\"padding-left: 30px;\">7. Evangelizing Folk Religionists by Gailyn Van Rheenen</p>\n<p style=\"padding-left: 30px;\">8. The Christian Response to Chinese Folk Religion by Enoch Wan</p>\n<p style=\"padding-left: 30px;\">9. The Christian Response to African Traditional Religion by Tite Tienou</p>\n<p>III. THE CONTEXT OF NEW RELIGIOUS MOVEMENTS&nbsp;</p>\n<p style=\"padding-left: 30px;\">10. Does the Church Produce New Religious Movements? by Cecil Stalnaker</p>\n<p style=\"padding-left: 30px;\">11. Transforming Evangelical Responses to New Religion(s): Missions and Counter-Cult in Partnership by John W. Morehead</p>

Christian Witness (EMS 11)
In Pluralistic Contexts in the Twenty-First Century
Enoch Wan, Editor
“This volume is not a set of textbook answers on how to witness to Hindus, Buddhists, Muslims, and people with other religions based on simple formulas. It is the wrestlings, affirmations, and testimonies of those who have been deeply involved in ministries to people of other religious faiths and have thought deeply about the issues religious pluralism raises.” - Paul G. Hiebert, Professor Emeritus, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School

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