The Legacy of William Carey

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  1. A Quiz: Who Was William Carey?
  2. Islam Carey: A Tribute by an Indian Woman
  3. William Carey: A Jar of Clay
  4. William Carey and The Modernization of India
  5. The Mind of a Modernizer


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Study Guide by Darrow L. Miller



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Format: Paperback
by: Vishal Mangalwadi (Author), Ruth Mangalwadi (Author)
Many know of William Carey, but few understand the profound contemporary significance of his life. This biography of the central character in the story of India’s modernization and transformation will help you understand Carey’s impact. It is also a charge to all Christians to respond in kind within our own cultures and to use Carey’s example as our model for taking the light of the Gospel into every corner of society. Includes study guide.

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