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Between Past and Future (EMS 10)

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Table of Contents

  • Author Profiles
  • Foreword - Scott Moreau
  • Introduction - Jonathan J. Bonk
  1. The AD 2000 Movement as a Great Commission Catalyst - Luis Bush
  2. "It Can Be Done": The Impact of Modernity and Postmodernity on the Global Mission Plans of Churches and Agencies - Todd M. Johnson
  3. Surprises of the Holy Spirit: How Pentecostalism Has Changed the Landscape of Modern Mission - Gary B. McGee
  4. Lessons in Mission from the Twentieth Century: Conciliar Missions - Paul E. Pierson
  5. Baptist Missions in the Twentieth Century - John Mark Terry
  6. The Near Demise of the Domestic Mission in America in the Twentieth Century: Can We Learn Anything from It? - Charles L. Chaney
  7. Between Past and Future: Non-Western Theological Education Entering the Twenty-first Century - Jonathan J. Bonk
  8. Changing the Face of World Missions in the Twenty-first Century: A Fervent Appeal to the African-American Community for Effective Partnership in World Missions - John Moldovan
  9. William Carey and the Business Model for Mission - Dwight P. Baker
  10. A Survey of the Local Church's Involvement in Global/Local Outreach - Bruce K. Kamp
  11. The Demographics of World Religions Entering the Twenty-first Century - Michael Jaffarian

by: Jonathan J. Bonk (Editor)
This volume traces its origins to the 2001 annual meeting of the Evangelical Missiological Society with the theme of “Lessons in Mission from the Twentieth Century.” The papers from this meeting, combined with insightful essays by other EMS members, reflect upon the history of evangelical missions and upon its future. “May God give us grace to draw from the lessons presented in this book in ways that will enrich us as people, as a church, and as a community calling others to come worship Jesus Christ.” –A. Scott Moreau

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  • Publish Year: 2003
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