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Culture, Communication and Christianity

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Table of Contents


  • 1. My Pilgrimage in Mission


  • 2. Conservative Christians and Anthropologists: A Clash of Worldviews
  • 3. God, Human Beings, Culture and the Cross-Cultural Communication of the Gospel
  • 4. A Perspective on Culture
  • 5. An Anthropological Apologetic for the Homogeneous Unit Principle in Missiology
  • 6. Receptor-Oriented Ethics in Cross-Cultural Intervention
  • 7. Anthropological Perspectives on American Women’s Issues


  • 8. A Perspective on Worldview
  • 9. Worldview in Intercultural Communication
  • 10. Worldview and Bible Translation


  • 11. Church Planters and Ethnolinguistics
  • 12. Toward an Ethnography of Hausa Riddling
  • 13. An Ethnolinguistic Study of Hausa Epithets


  • 14. The New Wine of Independence
  • 15. What You Heard Is Not What I Meant
  • 16. What Is God Trying to Do?
  • 17. The Incarnation, God's Model for Cross-Cultural Communication
  • 18. A Communicating God
  • 19. The Place of the Receptor in Communication
  • 20. The Power of Life Involvement


An Anthropological Approach to Theology

  • 21. Cultural Anthropology: Its Meaning for Christian Theology
  • 22. Can Anthropological Insight Assist Evangelical Theology?
  • 23. An Anthropologists Approach to Theology


  • 24. Interpreting in Cultural Context
  • 25. Supracultural Meanings via Cultural Forms


Contextualization of Theology

  • 26.  What Is the Contextualization of Theology?
  • 27. Theology and Theologies
  • 28. Toward a Christian Ethnotheology

Examples of Contextualization

  • 29. Contextualizing Communication
  • 30. Christian Conversion or Cultural Conversion?
  • 31. Let's Be Christian about Polygamy
  • 32. The Bearing of the Passages in 1 Timothy and Titus on the Matter of Church Leadership in Polygamous Societies
  • 33. Dynamic Equivalence Churches: An Ethnotheological Approach to Indigeneity
  • 34. Measuring Indigeneity

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Book Format: Paperback
by: Charles H. Kraft (Author)
Charles Kraft is a well-known author, educator, linguist, anthropologist, and missiologist. This book consists of his selected writings compiled over more than three decades. Subjects including anthropology, communication, worldview, ethnolinguistics, hermeneutics, and contextualization are dealt with as they relate to Christianity and Kraft’s unique perspective. Kraft’s personal story and an exhaustive bibliography of his personal writings (from 1961-2000) are included. This book is of extraodrinary value to those who desire to study Christianity, culture and communication, and the interplay between all three.

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