Building Credible Multicultural Teams

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  • Purpose and Structure

1. Theological And Anthropological Considerations Relating To Multicultural Teams

2. Credibility Factors In Communicating The Gospel

3. Adjustment Of The Missionaries To The Host Culture

4. Adjustment Of The Missionaries To One Another

5. Selection, Training And Formation Of Multicultural Teams

6. Guidelines For Multicultural Mission Teams And Conferences

7. Conclusions

Appendix A: Survey And Survey Results

Appendix B: Pattern Of Emphases

Appendix C: Mayers’ Six Pairs Of Values

Appendix D: Agape International Training Curriculum

Appendix E: Roommate Questionnaire



Book Format: Paperback
by: Lianne Roembke (Author)
With 25 years of experience working on multicultural mission teams, Roembke helps the reader to identify and clarify credibility factors as well as problem areas of multicultural teams.  She also offers concrete points of action for mission executives, team leaders and missionaries - whether they are seeking training for new missionaries or seeking to make changes to existing teams.  Ultimately the aim of this book is to deal with concerns of multicultural mission teams so they can live together in such a way as to attract others to the person of Christ.


  • Dr. Lianne Roembke of Campus Crusade for Christ International has completed a landmark study on multicultural missions teams. Based on her doctoral dissertation, this book is filled with significant data, relevant insights, and practical ways to help multicultural teams work well.
    Dr. Ken WilliamsWycliffe Bible Translators, International Personnel Training Consultant
  • This book comes out of years of experience. It needs wide circulation among all who want 1 Corinthians 13 to be a reality in their ministry and life.
    George Verwer, Founder of Operation Mobilization
  • I have been working in multicultural mission teams for the past 18 years and can honestly say all the various issues of that wild and wonderful partnership are dealt with most ably in this book. I keep a ready stack to give to our new team leaders and quote liberally from it in some of our training materials. All new missionaries should read the section on language learning - a stimulating challenge to all of us who are seeking to incarnate the gospel cross-culturally.
    Pam Wilson, West and Central Asia Training Consultant, Operation Mobilization
  • The theological and anthropological underpinnings of the book lay a foundation for the practical discussion and guidelines for multicultural team life. This book is well-written, scholarly, and most of all helpful. Dr. Roembke's contribution helps to fill in the gap on multicultural mission teams.
    Dr. Kelly O'Donnell, Psychologist and author of Missionary Care
  • Ms. Roembke is concerned by the conflict that characterizes multicultural mission teams and combines the best cross-cultural communication theory to bring resolution to such conflict. Her work thoroughly develops the theoretical aspects of cross-cultural communication yet is highly practical and readable.
    Dr. Marvin Mayers, Retired Professor of Anthropology, Wheaton College

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  • Pages: 287
  • Publisher: William Carey Library
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Publish Year: 2000
  • ISBN: 9780878083404
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