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Village Medical Manual (2 Volume Set) 6th edition

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Table of Contents

Volume I - Principles and Procedures Normal Vital Signs – Quick Reference

  • 1. Patient Evaluation and Logic of Diagnosis
  • 2. Infection, Immunization, and Sanitation
  • 3. Buying and Using Medicines
  • 4. Emergencies
  • 5. Malnutrition in Developing Countries
  • 6. Periods and Pregnancies
  • 7. Childbirth
  • 8. Pain Relief, Sedation, Muscle Relaxation
  • 9. Soft-tissue Injuries Other Than Lacerations
  • 10. Lacerations
  • 11. Principles of Bone and Joint Injuries
  • 12. Bone and Joint Injuries - Upper Body
  • 13. Bone and Joint Injuries - Lower Body
  • Appendix 1. Medical Procedures Index
  • Appendix 2. Medical Laboratory Procedures
  • Appendix 3. Contents of Medical Kits
  • Appendix 4. Approximate Costs of Medical Supplies
  • Appendix 5. Homemade Clinic Items
  • Appendix 6. Water Purification
  • Appendix 7. Training Health Workers and Nannies
  • Appendix 8. Caring for the Very Ill Patient
  • Appendix 9. History and Physical Exam
  • Appendix 10. Rodents and Arthropods
  • Appendix 11. Drug Name Cross Reference
  • Appendix 12. Sources, Addresses, Good Books
  • Appendix 13. When, Where and How to Get Higher Level Medical Care
  • Appendix 14. Sexual Assault
  • Glossary
  • Index to Volume I


Volume II - Diagnosis and Treatment

  • Index A. Symptom Protocols
  • Index B. Disease Index
  • Index C. Differential Diagnosis Protocols
  • Index D. Drug Index
  • Index E. Eastern Europe and Central Asia
  • Index F. Africa
  • Index I. India Subcontinent
  • Index M. Central and South America
  • Index O. East Asia
  • Index R. Mediterranean and the Middle East
  • Index S. Southeast Asia
  • Index U. Australia and the South Pacific
  • Index to Volume II

Format: Paperback
by: Mary Vanderkooi (Author)
Village Medical Manual, 6th edition, is a two-volume guide to health care in developing countries where expert medical care can be hard to find. Its intended use is by those who are required, by location and circumstances, to render medical care for which they are not professionally trained. Reader-friendly and easy to navigate, this manual will allow the reader to find the best treatments and procedures in a variety of medical situations.

Each volume includes illustrations and instructions that assist in diagnosing and treating patients. Volume I includes medical principles and procedures for basic care and emergency situations. Volume II includes symptom, disease, drug, and regional indices to assist the reader in step-by-step diagnoses and treatment of patients. This useful two-volume guide is a handy reference for all lay persons who need the skills to meet health care challenges in developing areas.

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  • With Village Medical Manual, Dr. Vanderkooi has targeted a frequently neglected category of medical caregivers: people who are well-educated in disciplines other than medicine living in rural areas of developing countries. These reluctant healers are frustrated by the unfamiliar jargon of books written for physicians and the lack of depth of health guides written for indigenous people. Through thorough research, extensive experience, common sense, logical arguments of contents, well-defined procedural plans and the use of everyday words, Dr. Vanderkooi has hit her mark very well.
    Neva Abbott, M.D., M.P.H.Former Director of International HealthWycliffe Bible Translators

Additional Details

  • Pages: 820 total; 240 (vol. I), 580 (vol. II)
  • Publisher: William Carey Library
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Publish Year: 2009
  • ISBN: 9780878087488
  • Vendor: William Carey Library