So many of our amazing partners in the field have been waiting patiently for the 7th edition of the Village Medical Manual by Mary Vanderkooi that we are thrilled to tell you that it will release to the public August 1st! 

Village Medical Manual, 7th ed.

In this beautifully upgraded 7th edition, a reader will find hundreds of new pages of new regional notes; expanded differentials; extensive symptom, condition, and drug indexes; along with several thousand illustrations that comprise an incomparable desk reference for both the medically trained and the educated layperson. This book is never intended for use to circumvent available professional medical care, rather it is to equip those who are in such remote locations and are forced to provide medical care that can mean the difference between life and death. 

Countless doctors, nurses, dentists, midwives, and others find the Village Medical Manual extremely helpful. It's tropical disease index and practical, low-tech tests bridge the gap in practical experience and where the conveniences of modern medicine are foreign. 

Because so many organizations need to buy the book in larger quantities, we are offering our usual bulk discount rates, but as a perk we are offering a bonus if you order by June 7th. The bonus to pre-ordering in bulk is that for every 4 print copies of the book you'll get a free ebook download when it becomes available! That means if you buy 100 prints sets, you'll receive 25 free downloads for a total bonus of $999 in free ebook downloads! 

Follow order instructions below.