A pretty amazing thing has just happened at William Carey Publishing. Through the astounding work of a tireless team, we can announce that 220 of our books are now live on one of the premier academic search engines, ProQuest, through seminary and university libraries around the world! 

That's right people.

WCP books will now be
available digitally AROUND THE WORLD!
[If I knew how to make that echo I would]

So, if you know any seminary students that you want to share this great info with (or librarians, missions students, missions professors, or literally any other person who would benefit from it) please do!

Next we'll be launching the books on Ebscohost and Atla as well! Stay tuned! 

The list of books now available on ProQuest is as follows: 

A Better Country
A People for His Name
A Worldview Approach to Ministry among Muslim Women
Abuse of Christian Women in India and Remedy
African-American Experience in World Mission
Apostolic Function in 21st Century Missions
Appropriate Christianity
Authentic Lives
Awakening the Hermit Kingdom
Becoming the People of God
Between Past and Future
Biblical Holism and Agriculture
Building Bridges to Oral Cultures
Business As Mission
Business for Transformation
Career-Defining Crises in Mission
Caring for the Harvest Force in the New Millennium
Challenging Islamic Traditions
Christian Barriers to Jesus
Christian Mission and Economic Systems
Christian Witness in Pluralistic Contexts in the Twenty-First Century
Christianity and Animism in Melanesia
Christianity and the Religions
Churches on Mission
Churchless Christianity
City Reaching
Come and See
Come Quickly Dawn
Committed Communities
Communicating Christ in Asian Cities
Communicating Christ in the Buddhist World
Communicating Christ Through Story and Song
Complexities of Money and Missions in Asia
Contextualization and Syncretism
Controversies in Mission
Creating Local Arts Together
Crisis and Hope in Latin America
Customs and Cultures
Developing Indigenous Leaders
Diaspora Missiology
Disciple Making among Hindus
Disciple Mentoring
Doing Member Care Well
Don't Throw the Book at Them
Donald McGavran, His Early Life and Ministry
Effective Engagement in Short-Term Missions
Empowering Children
Engaging Islamic Traditions
English Language Teaching in Theological Contexts
Environmental Missions
Ethnic Identity from the Margins
Ethnic Realities
Expect Great Things
Expectations and Burnout
Explaining the Trinity to Muslims
Faith Seeking Understanding
Family and Faith in Asia
Following Jesus in the Hindu Context
From Seed to Fruit
Frontline Women
Fullness of Time
George Charles Smith of Penzance
Get Real
Global Member Care Volume 1
Global Member Care Volume 2
Global Mission
Globalization and Its Effects on Urban Ministry in the 21st Century
Glory in Mongolia
Heading Home with Jesus
Health for All
Health, Healing, and Shalom
Hidden Triumph in Ethiopia
Holding the Rope
Home-Grown Leaders
I Will Do a New Thing
Innovation in World Mission
Integral Ministry Training
Introduction to Missiological Research Design
Introduction to Missiology
Is Hearing Enough?
Issues in Contextualization
Leading Multicultural Teams
Leading with Story
Lessons Learned in the Lion's Den
Literacy, Bible Reading and Church Growth Through the Ages
Living Water and Indian Bowl
Local Theology for the Global Church
Longing for Community
Majority World Theologies
Managing Conflict Creatively
Margins of Islam
Megachurch Accountability in Missions
Millennials and Mission
Ministry to Muslim Women
Missiological Research
Missiology and the Social Sciences
Mission History of Asian Churches
Mission in Motion
Missionary Methods
Missions from the Majority World
Missions in Context of Violence
More Screams, Different Deserts
Multiplying Churches in Japanese Soil
Muslim Insider Christ Followers
Muslims, Magic and the Kingdom of God
My Mother's Sons
No Continuing City
No Solitary Effort
North American Mission Handbook
On Being a Missionary
One Gospel for All Nations
One World or Many
People Disrupted
People, Trees, and Poverty
Perspectives on the World Christian Movement
Perspectives on the World Christian Movement
Power and Identity in the Global Church
Preparing to Serve
Professional Guidelines for Christian English Teachers
Profiles of African-American Missionaries
Reaching the City
Reaching the Resistant
Recovering from Traumatic Stress
Reflecting God's Glory Together
Refugee Diaspora
Reproducible Pastoral Training
Research in Church and Mission
Restored to Freedom from Fear, Guilt, and Shame
Rethinking Hindu Ministry
Roland Allen's the Ministry of Expansion
Roots and Remedies of the Dependency Syndrome in World Missions
School in the Clouds
Screams in the Desert
Scripture and Strategy
Searching for the Indigenous Church
Seeking the Unseen
Send Me!
Serving Jesus with Integrity
Shaping the Future
Sharing Jesus Effectively in the Buddhist World
Sharing Jesus Holistically with the Buddhist World
Sharing Jesus in the Buddhist World
Sixteen Seasons
Slippery Paths in the Darkness
Sorrow and Blood
Spiritual Power and Missions
Spirituality in Mission
St. Luke's Missiology
Student Mission Power
SWM/SIS at Forty
Teaching English for Reconciliation
Teaching English in Missions
Teaching Them Obedience in All Things
Tearing down Strongholds
Telling God's Stories with Power
That Man Who Came to Us
The 99 Beautiful Names of God
The African American Church
The Age of Global Giving
The Balkars of Southern Russia and Their Deportation (1944-57)
The Bible in Cross-Cultural Perspective
The Burden of Baggage
The Centrality of Christ in Contemporary Missions
The Certainty Trap
The Christian and the Old Testament
The Church in Mission
The Deep-Sea Canoe
The Evangelization of the World
The Global House Church Movement
The Gospel Unhindered
The Holy Spirit and Mission Dynamics
The Integrating Gospel and the Christian: Fiji 1835-67
The Jesus Documents
The Kingdom of Character
The Korean Missionary Movement
The Missionary Family
The Multilingual God
The Ralph D. Winter Story
The Road to Bau and the Autobiography of Joeli Bulu
The Rumbling Volcano
The Shaping of Modern China
The Twenty-Five Unbelievable Years, 1945-1969
The Way of the Sea
The Ways of the People
Through God's Eyes
To Timbuktu and Beyond
Too Valuable to Lose
Toward Respectful Understanding and Witness among Muslims
Trailblazers for Translators
Training Missionaries
Transforming Mission Theology
Translating Christ
Understanding Dreams from God
Understanding Insider Movements
Understanding Latin Americans
Unfamiliar Paths
Unveiling God
Vietnam's Christians
Vulnerable Mission
Waking the Giant
Walking Together on the Jesus Road
Wealth and Piety
Wealth, Women, and God
Where No One Has Heard
Why Didn't You Come Sooner?
Women and Leadership in the Baptist Convention of South Africa
Working Together with God to Shape the New Millennium
World Mission Manual
Worldview for Christian Witness
Worship and Mission for the Global Church
Worship and Warfare
Worth Keeping
Writing Exceptional Missionary Newsletters